Auto Repair by Sham is an independently owned and operated full-service repair and maintenance facility.   We use the latest diagnostic equipment to  guarantee your vehicle is repaired or serviced properly and in a timely fashion. 


Brake Repairs

Every time you brake, all the  kinetic energy of the moving vehicle is changed to heat by the brakes. Brakes  operate in a very hostile environment, constantly picking up dirt and water and  heating up and cooling down. In Colorado they have the added stress of mountain  driving which generates tremendous amounts of heat when brakes are used to  control speed on a long hill.

Air Condition Repairs

Our standard service includes: Visually  inspect A/C components , Run performance test including , System state of charge  test , System control test Perform leak test using approved electronic leak  detector If a slow leak cannot be detected, a dye detection service may need to  be performed. ( Includes 3 lbs R134a freon most cars )

Your vehicle’s air conditioning  system removes the heat from air inside your vehicle and transfers it to the  outside air. The wonderful result is cooler, more comfortable air. The system  relies on key components including a compressor, a condenser, an evaporator,  pressurized refrigerant, valves and hoses — all controlled  electronically. To properly work, the system  must have no leaks that might allow the refrigerant to escape.

A/C systems are  resistant to leaks and contamination, but they are not leak-proof. Over time,  contamination or leaks can adversely affect cooling. To keep your vehicle cool, we  recommend having your A/C system checked at the beginning of the warm  season. It is important to note that  some refrigerants used in automotive A/C systems are considered harmful to the  environment. At Sham AUTO REPAIR, we take great care to protect the  environment while we are servicing the system.


Tune Ups Repairs

Tune-Up: What Exactly Is It? What Is a Tune-Up? After “oil change,” the phrase, “my car needs a tune-up” is the next most popular request heard in the Automotive Service and Repair Industry. When a service writer or technician asks the driver why the vehicle needs a “tune-up,” the customer usually says that the vehicle is not “running right.” Maybe it’s idling rough. Maybe it’s hard to start. It could lack power, get poor mileage, or have many other symptoms. Many people believe that a tune-up will solve all or most of these problems, but the truth is, modern cars do not require tune-ups and poor performance almost always means the car needs a repair. The phrase “tune-up” is from a time when automobiles were not computer controlled and an auto mechanic could actually adjust the timing, idle speed, fuel mixture, and other things in order to “tune up” the operation of the engine, similar to the way a piano tuner will tune up a piano to bring it back into proper pitch and operation by adjusting the tension on the strings, adjusting the action, and reshaping the hammers. Maintenance: The Modern Day Tune-Up Nowadays, the term “tune-up” actually refers to replacing and servicing the wear items in the Ignition and Fuel System. For example:The Air Filter and Fuel Filter will become less efficient and need replacing The Spark Plug electrodes will wear down and need replacing Because of oil vapors produced by the Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) System, the Throttle Body and fuel system will need to be cleaned and/or de-carbonized The vast majority of the time, there are no adjustments needed (or possible), because the engine computer controls all the functions of the Ignition and Fuel System. The “tune-up” is often part of a large 30,000/60,000/90,000 mile service that includes inspections, and fluid and filter changes. These services are part of the manufacturer’s recommended scheduled maintenance detailed in the owner’s manual. The modern vehicle should not exhibit any performance problems by the time a “tune-up” is due. If there are any performance problems, usually a Check Engine Light will illuminate, indicating that the vehicle needs some attention because it is not running properly and is polluting the air.


Tire and Alignment

Welcome A Sham Auto Tire and Alignment, your one-stop, on-the-spot auto service headquarters for a complete line of quality tires and Alignment services. For years, we have provided the Santa Clara, CA  area with the latest products and unprecedented services for everything we sell. And for years, our customers have been coming back. View our online catalogs for the tires you need or stop in and see us.

Smog Check

Here at A Sham Auto Repair, we believe the customer is always right, and we believe in doing the job right the first time. The A sham Auto Repair stands for: efficient, fast, honest and a fair price.
-Smog Check
-Smog Testing
-Smog Inspection


Automotive Body work (Denting & Painting)

A Sham  Auto Repair of Hell’s Kitchen provides automotive danting and painting as part of our overall collision auto body repair services. Our automotive paint jobs are known for their durability and shine and come with a full National Lifetime Guarantee for as long as you own your vehicle.

Our auto painting services include auto paint touch-ups, as well as complete paint jobs to bring your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition.

Other Services

* Brake and Lamp Inspection           * Brake |Service|Job|Repair|
* Air Conditioning Service                * Charging System
* Starter System                              * 30k/60k/90 Services
* Timing Belt                                    * Colling System
* Radiator                                        * Check Engine Light
* Transmission and clutch              *  Automatic Transmission
* Head Gasket                                *  Remanufactured Engine
* Used Engine                                *  Electrical Diagnostics
* Steering and Suspension            *  Tune Ups
* Oil Change                                 * Exhaust System
* Fuel system                                 * Batteries